Welcome to the world of Quartic Llama! 

Quartic Llama is an independent games development studio, based in Scotland. We make fun, beautiful and unique games.

The Quartic Llama experience is being constantly recorded and updated in the blog and you can also follow our twitterings

Thanks for visiting, we hope you enjoy your stay.

(Quartic Llama was last sighted in Dundee, Scotland...)

Hardware Supports Inclusion

The need for a diverse, inclusive, safe development culture and workplace is not a “women’s issue” but an industry issue.

Dare for Schools 2013

Last week we were asked to lend a helping hand at the Dare for Schools 2013 event, organised by Dare to Be Digital and run by the Univerity of Abertay's inestimable Grant Clarke. Twenty high school students were let loose on the university's PCs, their goal: make an awesome game in just five days.

Other is out there!

Quartic Llamas have been spotted over the last few weeks, wandering around Dundee wearing gigantic headphones and pointing strange technological equipment at random objects around the city. Seemingly oblivious to the outside world, they have been seen stopping in strange locations and muttering “the levels are all wrong here” , or “not getting a signal” here...